Part 1: What is InsurTech

The 6 pieces selected for this section bring together the expected multiplicity of views, and provide a rich, informative and engaging set of connected conversations exploring what InsurTech is, for whom, by whom and why?

Alex Ruthemeier

Entrepreneur & Advisor,
Finovent & Startupbootcamp InsurTech

Digital Transformation in Insurance:
Four Common Factors from Other Industries

Dr. Christian Macht

Board Member

Digital Transformation in Insurance:
Four Common Factors from Other Industries

Jannat Shah

AXA Strategic Ventures

The Best InsurTech May Not Be InsurTech

Valentino Ricciardi

Insurance & InsurTech Knowledge Consultant

InsurTech Definition as its own Manifesto

Michael Jans

Michael Jans Advisory

InsurTech: Problem or Solution for Agents and Brokers?

Karl Heinz Passler

Product Manager & Startup Scout and Coach
Baloise Group

‘Real’ insurTech Startups Do It Differently

Steve Tunstall

CEO & Co-founder

Why Insurance is Failing

Part 2: InsurTECH - Now & Next

This Chapter presents 9 distinctive voices answering the brief 'InsurTech Now and Next'. A prediction for InsurTech Now and Next that we can all join in striving and hoping for?

Nick Bilodeau

Head of Marketing, Insurance
Amex Canada

‘INSoT’ … Insurance of Things
and the Proliferation of Protection

Neil Thomson

Strategic Sales Director

InsurTechs — Magical Thinking and other Secrets of Success

Paolo Cuomo

InsTech London

A Cartographer's Dream: Exploring, and Mapping, the New Unknown

Henrique Volpi

InsurTech Entrepreneur & Co-Founder

Seamless Insurance: The Time is Now

John Warburton


Where does InsurTech leave the people who work in insurance?

Nick Martin

Fund Manager
Polar Capital

InsurTech: Not a Zero Sum Game

Susanne Mollegaard

CEO & Co-Owner
Process Factory

Six Mega-trends that will Take Insurance Back to the Future

Sylvia Michalski

Strategic Advisor
S. Michalski Consulting

From Insurance Premium to Discrete Event

Yvonne Braun

Director of Policy, Long-term Savings and Protection

Alexa, Where are My Pensions?

Part 3: The Founder's Journey

In this chapter, we address the founder’s journey. Regardless as to whether we address founders who have been in business for decades or nascent ones, no organization is infallible in times of change.

Ruth Polyblank

Head of SME & Digital
Chubb Insurance Company of Europe

Not Too Big too Learn Not to Fail

Alberto Chierici

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Insurance Expertise, Family and Integrity: the Story of SPIXII’s Founding Team

Renaud Million

Co-Founder & CEO

Insurance Expertise, Family and Integrity: the Story of SPIXII’s Founding Team

Emma Pegg

Marketing Executive

Insurance Expertise, Family and Integrity: the Story of SPIXII’s Founding Team

Laura Garcia Garcia

Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Disrupting Car Insurance: Drivies App Makes driving More Fun, Insurance Fairer

Jesús Bernat

CTO & Founder

Disrupting Car Insurance: Drivies App Makes driving More Fun, Insurance Fairer

Dr. José Luis Blanco

Adjunct Professor
Technical University of Madrid

Disrupting Car Insurance: Drivies App Makes driving More Fun, Insurance Fairer

Jon Sabes

Chairman & CEO
GWG Holdings

Genomics 1-01-: How the Search for a Better Life Expectancy Predictor Leads GWG Life to a Science Lab

Part 4: Internationalising InsurTech

This chapter explores fascinating accounts from both mature and less developed markets, infused with case studies and cutting-edge data which brings to life the vibrancy in this space across the globe.

Robert Collins


Growth Waves in Insurtech in China

Robin Kiera

Insurtech Influencer and Founder

7 things insurers and InsurTechs need to know about the German insurance market

Telly V. Onu

Managing Director
Prohaus Group

Internationalising InsurTech: A Global Phenomenon in Different Markets

Melike Belli

Market Development Manager

InsurTech in Turkey: Challenges and Opportunities

Denisse Cuellar

Strategic Business Consultant
Grameen Foundation

InsurTech in Latin America – The Promise of Insurance for Everybody?

Susan Holliday

Principal Insurance Specialist

Increasing access to insurance in developing countries

Vasyl Soloshchuk

CEO & Managing Partner

InsurTech Trends: Why Regionalisation Matters

Iuri Kartashov

Director, Biometrics

InsurTech Trends: Why Regionalisation Matters

McKenzie Slaughter

Founder & CEO
Prohaus Group

Internationalizing Insurtech: A global phenomenon in different markets

Part 5: Collaborative Innovation: Observe - Partner - Invest

In this chapter, we look at how insurers embrace open innovation – the processes they implement; the talent they hire or empower; the programs they design and test and of course the types of partnerships they look for.

Tshidi Hagan

Senior Investment Analyst
Old Mutual

Corporate Collaboration: Opportunities in InsurTech

Denis Thomas

Associate Director & Digital Strategist
KPMG India

Competition vs Coopetition in the Insurance Market

Dorota Zimnoch

Founder & Managing Director; Strategic Adviser
ZING Business Consulting; The Heart

Incumbent and InsurTech Collaboration via Open innovation Strategies

Dr. Roberta Rizzo

Senior Manager

A Collaborative Approach in the InsurTech World: One Platform in One Click

Prof. Dr. Bjorn Cumps

Professor of Financial Services Innovation & FinTech
Vlerick Business School

Dating InsurTech Startups

Willie Pienaar


Altered Attitudes, Altered outcomes: Collaboration for a Better Future

Dimitri Anagnostopoulos

Financial Services & Risk Management
True North Partners

Think InsurTech Culture Before InsurTech Adoption

Part 6: Value Chain

The authors of this chapter wanted to share their views as to why InsurTechs are becoming useful entities to re-engineer existing value chains. Particularly at a time, when insurance firms must invest significant time and effort to keep pace with current change.

Ivan Gruer

IT Project Management Officer & Digital Transformation
Business Integration Partners

A Four-Step Practical Guide to Build InsurTech Value Chain Ecosystems

Andrea Silvello


Sell You Insurance at The Right Time: Consider Micro Policies

Désirée Klingler

Consultant & Attorney-at-Law
Roland Berger

InsurTech: Refreshingly Different – like Lemonade!

Jean Charles Velge


Forget about Peer-to-Peer, the Future of Insurance is Invisible and Parametric

Quentin Colmant


Forget about Peer-to-Peer, the Future of Insurance is Invisible and Parametric

Dr. Bernardo Nunes

Data Scientist
Growth Tribe Academy

Behavioral Design and Price Optimization in InsurTech

Visesh Gosrani

Founder & COO, Director of Risk and Actuarial
Shoal Insurance, Cyence

Data Changes Everything

Eelco Ouwerkerk

Industry Director Wholesale & Retail
Aon Netherlands

Beware of GDPR: Take your Cyber Risk Responsibility More Seriously

Laimonas Stončius

Founder & CEO

Why Claims Sharing: Innovating within the Business-to-Business Insurance Claims Handling Ecosystem

Vaughan Jenkins

Independent Consultant
Meta Finance

Reinsurers Need Backward Innovation

Part 7: Business Models

In this chapter, our authors are tackling business models, an important topic to determine the future sustainability of InsurTech startups. It has been reviewed patterns that have emerged during the course of the past four years and looked through their crystal balls to define or identify the most relevant business models of the future.

Dan Smith

Managing Partner
Exponential Ventures

Business Model Innovation – From Incremental To Disruptive

Drs. J.H.F. Onno Bloemers

Head of Insurance Transformation
Delta Capita

The Future of Insurance - From Managing Policies To Managing Risks

Karolina Burmeister

Senior Relationship Manager
OP Financial Group

Seeing Through the Hype: A Closer Look At Key Smart InsurTech Business Models

Damiano Pietroni

Management Consulting Manager – Insurance

Assessing the Long-Term Viability Of The Insurance Peer-To-Peer Business Model

Sabine VanderLinden

Global Managing Director- Startupbootcamp
Global Head for InsurTech Innovation- Rainmaking Innovation

You Said…. Sharing Economy?

Bert Hölscher

Arkadia Management Consultants

From Claim Settlement to Claim Prevention: How Insurers Can Make Use Of Predictive Analytics To Change Their Business Model

Tobias Taupitz

Co-Founder & CEO

True Business Model Innovation: A Credit-Based Approach

Benjamin Von Euw

Enterprise Architect
iA Financial Group

From Event-Focused Insights To Coaching

Part 8: You Said Tech

This chapter focuses to the power of technology shaping InsurTech. This is not just about the hyper relevant role of data in predicting risk and disaster but equally about the changing technology inspired business models provided by new entrants.

Julien Breteau

Tech Enabler & Head of Digital Marketing
We are Intrepid Ventures

Becoming Tech-First: Why Adopting A Tech-First Mindset Is Non-Negotiable

Tony Tarquini

Leader in Digital Insurance & Director of Insurance, EMEA

Practical Robotics — The Future Is Already Here

Nigel Walsh

Deloitte UK

Frictionless Insurance In A Land Of Utility

Akber Datoo

D2 Legal Technology LLP

The Smart Journey: From Contract Hype To Insurance Reality

Richard Turrin

Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, WealthTech, and InsurTech Professional, Chief Innovation Officer
Singapore Life

Insurtech & Ai: You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Form The Future

Becky Downing


Blockchain Startups: Unlikely Heroes For The Insurance Industry

Tobias Becker

Senior Management Consultant
Diconium Strategy

Alexa, Can You Get Me Some Insurance?

Tobias Troendle

Management Consultant
Diconium Strategy

Alexa, Can You Get Me Some Insurance?

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

CEO & Founder

Insurtech’s Big Questions: Why The Customer Is Still Always Right

Craig Polley

Digital Risk Services Limited

Claimstech: The Insurtech’s Action List

Harry Williams

Meet Mia

Technology Is Not Enough

Part 9: InsurTech Futures

This chapter focuses on the brief of imagining the InsurTech Futurescape with real gusto. Six authors present their interpretations and visions of what’s in store, and for us, the variety of perspectives here is almost as fascinating as the articles themselves.

Dr. Ulrich Kleipass

Head of Innovation Berlin
ERGO Group

Digital Transformation & Corporate Innovation Management: An Incumbent’s Action Plan

Pauline Davies

Partner & CEO
Fee Langstone, InsuredHQ

The New World Of The Connected Customer: The Future Of Microinsurance?

Ming Chiu

Actuarial Financial Group

Personal Asset Liability Management System

Yawei Cui Ph.D.

Senior Academic Director
AMoody’s Analytics

Personal Asset Liability Management System

Erik Abrahamsson

Founder & CEO
Digital Fineprint

Social Media In Insurance

Gilad Shai

InsurTech Thought Leader & Mobile & Innovation Tech Lead
Farmers Insurance

Insurtech And The Promise Of ‘Property Value Hedging Technology’

George Kesselman

InsurTech Asia Association

Insurance 2029: Life Backup Companion